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An employer and corporate brand agency

Companies are being challenged on a daily basis with disruptive business models, game changing technologies, fierce competition and a war for talent.

A winning product or service is no longer enough. Success today requires building a strong foundation to: create a purposeful culture, attract and retain the brightest talent, and develop and consistently deliver a truly differentiated brand. Read more


AMRI engages Baker for culture and employer branding programs

Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI) has asked Baker to develop their employer brand and articulate their cultural strengths to support its expanding business.

What partner dancing can teach us about employee engagement

The essence of employee engagement is where both parties know the rules and you are dancing to the same tune — your brand purpose and values. One party leads and the other follows, yet both are free to interpret and express themselves in synch with the rhythms of the music and the beat of the brand.

Cultivating your corporate culture

Fact: companies have personality, norms, habits and desired behavior. You know it the minute you walk in the door. Smart companies turn this into a priceless asset — something that draws talent and customers.