Courageous corporate brands typically outperform their peers, are relevant to all their stakeholders, and drive value in every domain. Courageous corporations make an investment, knowing that with critical thinking, rigor, commitment, and consistency they will reap their ROI and be a category leader.

They are uniquely differentiated by bonding together three strategic pillars:

Humanness — A deeply felt purpose, vision and mission, and values-based culture attracting the people who believe in what you believe.

Sustainability — Environmental, social, governance, and economic plans, actions, and outcomes contributing to a better world where all people and the planet thrive.

Brand fundamentals — Positioning in the marketplace, value proposition, customer promise, and your personality.

Courageous corporate brands are intentional in their design and expression, making emotive and memorable experiences.

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Brand strategy

  • Research, data analysis, and insights
  • Brand platform
  • Positioning, value proposition, promise, and personality
  • Purpose, vision, mission, values and associate behaviors, actions, and mindsets
  • Sustainability initiatives — environmental, social, governance, and economic
  • Brand story
  • Brand architecture
  • Naming

Brand design

  • Brand idea
  • Brand voice
  • Content strategy and messaging
  • Visual identity and design systems
  • Experiential and journey planning

Brand implementation

  • Internal activation
  • External launch
  • Corporate website
  • Emotive videos
  • Marketing touch points
  • Corporate reporting
  • Measurement/management

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