Brand Strategy and design

Heart and Soul branding

To create brand believers, you need to open up and discover what’s at your core, in your heart and soul as human beings — your deepest beliefs about what you stand for and why you exist. Define them with authenticity — communicate them with passion and distinction.

Our approach lives at the intersection of market relevance, competitive differentiation, and emotive connections that matter to all stakeholders. We take a holistic view of your internal culture, external positioning, the marketplace, and the workplace. We create a brand and experiences to help you grow and thrive.



  • Research and analytics
  • Integrated Strategy Platform
    • Corporate brand
      • Culture: Purpose, Vision/Mission, Values
      • Brand: Positioning, Value drivers, Personality
    • Employer brand
      • Talent: Promise, EVP attributes, Experience
  • Naming and architecture
  • Visual identity and design systems
  • Voice, content strategy and messaging
  • Brand activation and implementation
  • Brand management

Alignment and engagement

Inspire your people. Align your culture.

Energized, engaged employees who are culturally aligned drive truly great brands. It has to happen on the inside before it can happen on the outside. This is the key to successful organizations that truly live and breathe their purpose and values — and deliver on their brand promise.



  • Employee communications and initiatives
  • Employee experience journey mapping
  • Talent marketing
  • Culture alignment workshops
  • Culture artifacts and tools
  • Values activation
  • Values and ethics motivation and education
  • Leadership communications
  • Workplace environments

Corporate marketing

Break through and deliver emotive connections

There’s too much noise. We are bombarded with thousands of messages. It’s hard to grab someone’s attention and keep it. We practice DEEP communications: Disrupt to get their attention, make it Enjoyable, create an Emotive connection and deliver your Purpose. Your brand is only as good as the touchpoints and experiences you create. Design them with intension and mastery.



  • Audience insights and journey mapping
  • Strategic touchpoint planning
  • Creative development, content strategy and messaging
  • Video production and motion graphics
  • Web UX, UI design and development
  • Graphic design and infographics
  • Environments, tradeshows and experiential
  • Social media

ESG and AR Reporting

Tell your story of purpose, performance, and impact

We started our business as annual report specialists and evolved into corporate brand experts. We connect a company’s ESG story to their brand, purpose, values, and culture. We believe every company has a unique story to tell. Whether you are new to sustainability reporting or just want to take your report to the next level Baker’s roots will serve you well.


  • Benchmarking
  • Materiality
  • Corporate communications
  • Aligning to global frameworks (GRI, SASB, UN SDGs, etc.)
  • Content strategy and message development
  • Creative, production and management
  • Integrated reporting
  • Short/long-term reporting strategy
  • Interactive solutions