Taking corporate storytelling to the next level

Reframing the corporate overview

For more than a decade, we had worked with mobile technology leader Qualcomm on its annual corporate overview, the company’s most significant vehicle for communicating its business strategies, goals and performance. The company wanted to re-invent its approach to this visible piece, taking its corporate story to the next level in both form and content. Qualcomm’s goals were, not only to feature its business achievements and market opportunities, but also to reach audiences beyond the investor community. The company wanted to share how it was accelerating mobility and revolutionizing the way people interact with information, entertainment and each other.

Creating a compelling experience

Through previous overviews and a brand awareness campaign launched in Washington, D.C., we had helped Qualcomm evolve its story to describe how its technologies positively impacted people’s lives.

For this latest overview, we aimed to:

  • Treat the annual report as a “company overview” with reach beyond investor audiences.
  • Consider unique ways to feature business units and highlight key products and services.
  • Focus on visual solutions that favor everyday imagery over abstract or metaphorical subjects.
  • Consider video, motion and other functionality to bring the story to life.
  • Build design from color palette and general look of qualcomm.com.

We created a sophisticated online experience, a printed piece and short summary version. These pieces personalized the Qualcomm story by telling it from the end-user’s perspective, rather than by simply highlighting the various technologies. The online overview built on the printed materials and enriched the story by integrating video to engage viewers in a memorable and emotionally compelling way. Finally, to address the company’s international reach, we translated the microsite and summary version into six languages: Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and U.K. English.

Engaging a global audience

Following its introduction, statistics showed that the online overview was the second most highly trafficked area on qualcomm.com. That popularity, along with overwhelmingly positive user feedback, led Qualcomm to make it a permanent fixture on its site. The presentation of the overview’s introductory video to five million attendees at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai was a true testament to the global reach, resonance and relevance of the company’s story.

Online corporate overview
Print summary

4 page summary, translated to 6 languages, print on-demand

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