Our Purpose and mission

We’re on a mission to help corporations uncover their true beliefs — what’s in their heart and soul as human beings. We translate and implement your deepest beliefs into a more powerful brand, stronger culture, and more effective communications.

The world has changed. Companies are being held to a higher standard — the triple bottom line — where people, profit and our planet matter. Going forward, we must care more, do more, and make a sincere difference in our world.

At Baker, our purpose is singular — we create and grow human corporate brands. We help our clients just like you build emotional connections with your stakeholders. It’s only when you attract your tribe that you create true brand believers. Only believers can truly take your business to the next level.

Our Values

The principles we live by and deliver on

Being your best

Thinking, doing beyond the expected
Pursuit and pride in excellence in all we do
Be the experts

Of Service

The desire and willingness to help
Partnership mindset
For our clients, partners and ourselves


We are problem solvers
Be proactive, take initiative
Be curious, open, eager to learn


Finding purpose and pleasure in work and life
Being positive
Making others feel good

The Golden Rule

Treat everyone with dignity and respect
Live with integrity
Do right by others

The industries we serve

  • Bio and pharma
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance and managed care

  • Financial services
  • Technology
  • Energy

  • Management and consulting
  • Engineering and construction
  • Manufacturing

Awards — A few of dozens

AIGA, the professional association for designAIGA, the professional association for design
Corporate Executive BoardCorporate Executive Board
National Investor Relations InstituteNational Investor Relations Institute
Public Relations Society of AmericaPublic Relations Society of America
Society for Human Resource ManagementSociety for Human Resource Management