Motivating through an employer brand

Creating brand champions and a culture of excellence

A unified and dedicated culture is critical to achieving business goals. Culture and employee purpose drive organizations forward. When we created the corporate brand for DineEquity, senior leadership expressed their desire to become an Employer of Choice. We saw an opportunity for them to reach that goal by building an employer brand, identifying the qualities of a more unified, purpose-driven culture.

In our research, we discovered this was a culture where every voice counts. No red tape; your ideas can be heard; you can make a difference. We built upon the promise “impact beyond the ordinary”  to create a rallying cry: “Go for great!” This built on and amplified the corporate tagline “Great franchisees. Great brands.”

This employer brand is about how important each employee’s contribution is to the overall success of DineEquity’s brands and franchisees. It illustrated how team members could bring their purpose, vision and values to life and provided them with a framework for an employee value proposition “Make a personal difference.”


Putting personal impact into practice

In an industry characterized by limited-time offers, it was important to give DineEquity team members a sense of permanence and commitment. To introduce the new brand, we developed a brand spirit book and spirit video with bold, encouraging messages, in which the employees are the stars. The launch also included a series of brand spirit and values posters, inter-office signage, a branded journal, an e-newsletter and more. But this was just the beginning.

Next we incorporated key aspects of the employer brand into a webinar-based, activation work session. This session not only familiarized team members with core tenets of the corporate brand, it also served to motivate and inspire them by illustrating how a strong employer brand would benefit them, allowing them to enjoy better growth and development opportunities, attract top talent, improve morale and generate shared success.

Brand Spirit e-book
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Launch posters
Values video

Values Posters
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Employer brand platform

Internal theme line

Brand spirit book

Brand spirit video

Values video

Brand posters

Branded collateral

Inter-office signage