Reimagining a technical document

Avery Dennison, a global design and manufacturing leader, wanted to change its employee Code of Conduct, a document that guides workplace behavior. Rather than simply produce a typical compliance manual that might not resonate with employees, the company needed to reimagine the document. Instead, Avery Dennison aimed to create a suite of communications that would connect with its diverse global workforce and inspire employees to take responsible risks in a risk-averse culture — ultimately spurring innovation.


Values & Ethics website. Launch website.

Highlighting the human story

Through our process called the “spheres of influence,” we demonstrated the ripple effect that employees’ actions have on all of their relationships — with their coworkers, vendors, customers and the world. We organized complex content into intuitive and easy-to-navigate sections. Then we wrote the copy, using what we call “peoplespeak” to further increase comprehension. Using the theme, “Make your mark,” we challenged individuals to deeper engagement within their careers. We created an overview video, interactive microsite and downloadable documents to roll out the new Code of Conduct. These elements were all translated into 32 different languages to connect with Avery Dennison’s diverse employee population.

Building organizational momentum

The new Code of Conduct was well-received company-wide. Given the success, Avery Dennison asked us to continue working with them to create tools for team discussions of specific aspects of the Code of Conduct.



The Corporate Executive Board recognized Avery Dennison’s Code of Conduct as the standard for how future internal communications should be conveyed and experienced. Read more.

Overview video
PDF document
Global distribution: 32 languages
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