Transforming with purpose

Self-disruption for survival

Founded in 2001, Momenta Pharmaceuticals was driven to solve complex pharmaceutical problems. Highly respected for their rigorous science, they were very successful in the complex generic and biosimilar category. But the generic market, over time, became intensely competitive, over regulated, and extremely expensive to develop drugs. In 2018, Momenta drastically disrupted itself — pivoting to focus on its pipeline of novel drug candidates for immune-mediated diseases. They reorganized the company, reduced their workforce, and restructured the executive management team. This was an extremely difficult decision knowing the effect it would have on their people and the market, but imperative to survive and thrive.

Rebranding for a new vision and strategy

With a new focus and executive team, Momenta was a company in transformation. They called on Baker to rebrand and help rebuild the culture. Working closely with leadership, we revealed their renewed purpose, vision and positioning for their future state. At their core they are a company who wants to make a life-changing difference for underserved patients. What we discovered was that their transition into therapies for the underserved created a deeper meaning for their people. Now they could see and feel a more direct connection to how their work truly makes a difference in patients’ lives.

The new tagline “Driven by impossible” captures both their legacy and evolved positioning. The new brand expresses their energy and commitment to a meaningful future.

A renewed sense of pride and passion

Launching in January of 2020, our work served as a catalyst unifying the culture with an authentic and distinctive brand, and clarity for Momenta’s path forward. They are feeling a renewed passion and pride as they look forward to commercialization and continuing to do challenging work.

Brand Launch Video

“I think you guys are alchemists at what you do, it’s magic.”

Young Kwon, Ph.D.
Chief Financial and Business Officer
Brand Spirit Book

Environmental graphics

“The Baker team really knocked it out of the park with our rebranding project… they were able to reveal the true core of our brand, our culture.”

Patty Eisenhaur
VP, Investor Relations and Communications