Learning through conversation

As part of its ongoing initiative to create a more aligned and energized culture, Avery Dennison asked us to rethink their Values and Ethics educational communications. The quarterly toolkit is distributed to managers worldwide. It focuses the company’s internal conversation on a topic of particular relevance at that moment in time. While the company had created such kits in the past, they simply consisted of a boring PowerPoint deck that outlined meeting topics. Avery Dennison needed a fresh approach to engage employees in a conversation that would educate, inspire and reinforce the company’s values and ethics.

Evoking energy and relevance

We spearheaded research, content development and production of the toolkits with an overall aim to refresh the energy of these conversations. Our objectives were to:

  • Raise the level of engagement and interaction.
  • Encourage employees to think differently about the topics.
  • Connect with Avery Dennison’s diverse employee audience.
  • Tell personal stories of living the values

We approached the project as a natural progression of previous work we had done to humanize the company’s Code of Conduct. Avery Dennison gave us a topic to tackle for the first toolkit based on what was most relevant for the organization at the time.

Creating a customizable training toolkit

As we developed the individual session design, we aimed to create a more lively experience and humanize the conversation. The creative content carried a refreshingly humorous tone that stirred genuine connections with employees and diffused the serious nature of the content. The flairs of humor were met with enthusiasm, even across the diverse cultures of the Avery team.

We also wanted to give people different ways to enter the topic and provide opportunity for local customization, particularly given the worldwide employee audience. We developed a full suite of components for managers to scale up or down based on available time and resources. To accompany the tools, we provided an idealized deployment strategy for managers to use as a guide. The result was a fully integrated, dynamic experience, which was met with raving reviews.

High program engagement

  • 89.4% of respondents felt that participating in the meeting increased their understanding that safety of employees is a top concern.
  • 86.9% felt Avery Dennison provides necessary tools and resources to help maintain a safe work environment.

Outstanding performance

Avery Dennison ranked the most profitable public company with a 36% 3-year average ROE.
Source: Bloomberg News LABJ Stock Index companies ranked by 3-year average return on equity

“They’ve been able to take exceedingly complex ideas and drill them down in a way that is so conversational, so engaging … and, it’s just work we couldn’t do internally.”

Vikas Arora
Vice President, Assistant General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
Watch his testimonial video below.
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