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Keeping Values & Ethics training fresh

We were entering the fourth year of a highly successful communication program we had designed to create cultural change with a quarterly toolkit distributed to managers worldwide. Leadership wanted to ensure the content stayed relevant and inspirational for employees. They came to us asking — how do we keep the Values & Ethics training fresh?

Updating the look and feel

We refreshed the look and feel of the system that was originally launched with Avery Dennison’s updated Code of Conduct and developed new approaches to storytelling with the video component of the kit. 
We made the PowerPoint component more visually interesting and 
color-coded the sections for ease of presentation.

Evolving the storytelling approach

With our first edition of the V&E toolkit, we began every session with a fun, unexpected humorous video featuring a character named “Bill” that always broke the ice and sparked dialogue and role-playing with employees. With the redesign, we kept the humor approach, but evolved the video content making it more relatable for the entire workforce by relying less on narration and telling a more visual story through animation.

Improving overall program engagement

The response to the new look and functionality was positive. Survey results for the toolkit centered around safety in the workplace showed improvement over the previous two quarters.

  • 89.4% of respondents felt that participating in the meeting increased their understanding that safety of employees is a top concern.
  • 83.1% felt better prepared to recognize safe and unsafe practices.
  • 83.7% felt the meeting helped spark a dialogue on the topic.
  • 86.9% felt Avery Dennison provides the necessary tools and resources to help maintain a safe work environment.

“They’ve been able to take exceedingly complex ideas and drill them down in a way that is so conversational, so engaging … and, it’s just work we couldn’t do internally.”

Vikas Arora
Vice President, Assistant General Counsel & Assistant Secretary
Watch his testimonial video below.
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