Founded in 1970 and headquartered in Long Beach, California, Earth Tech Inc. is a global provider of a full suite of engineering, construction and operations services to the international water/wastewater, environmental, transportation, and facilities markets. Earth Tech employs some 7,000 talented people, delivering services to customers in 15 countries.


After years of leadership turnover and a lack of strategic focus, Earth Tech was ready to move forward with a new President — Alan P. Krusi — and a new vision — to revitalize the company and its commitment to four key service areas: the international water/wastewater, environmental, transportation and facilities markets. The challenge: Ensure that employees and customers understood the company’s vision of the future and how that vision would set the company apart.

Earth Tech had expanded rapidly through strategic acquisitions and by leveraging its affiliation with their parent company, Tyco International Ltd. The goal was to extend their global reach and to add important technical capabilities while strengthening existing ones. Krusi recognized the need to unify the company’s diversified businesses under a clear, focused vision and brand that would energize employees, resonate with customers and differentiate it in its markets.


To address this challenge, Baker created a comprehensive brand platform that captured Earth Tech’s reason for being, differentiating qualities and unique value proposition. At the epicenter was the company’s vision to improve the quality of life — and build a better tomorrow — through the development of private and public infrastructure. Effective visuals and messages wove a compelling and convincing story of how Earth Tech’s businesses shared and reinforced this core vision across their activities.


The result was an integrated communications program that successfully demonstrated the individual and collective value of the company’s diverse businesses, united by a common purpose — to make a difference through its core services. Baker brought this inspiring story to life by featuring the positive impact of Earth Tech’s businesses on the daily lives of people around the world. In doing so, it presented a compelling value proposition that would help attract AECOM, a leading global provider of professional technical and management support services, which later acquired Earth Tech to augment its own global presence and market position.


“A BETTER TOMORROW made possible.”
To set the tone for a powerful and memorable campaign, Baker crafted an inspiring tagline that captured Earth Tech’s vision — and promise — to create solutions that would meet today’s demands and anticipate tomorrow’s needs. This tagline would appear consistently across all communication vehicles and serve as a reminder of the company’s unwavering commitment to quality, excellence and progress for the benefit of people everywhere.

Marketing Communications

Baker created a series of brochures devoted to each of Earth Tech’s business units. Rather than relying on construction-themed visuals and messages, these brochures debuted the company’s evolving point of view and highlighted each business area’s positive contributions to humanity.

Corporate and Internal Communications

To ensure consistency at all levels of the company’s communications, Baker extended Earth Tech’s new platform across a range of corporate and internal materials, including press kit folders, proposal covers and more.

Corporate Website

An integral part of the communications program included Earth Tech’s external website, a channel with the broadest audience reach. The new site highlighted the company’s position as a global leader and featured its key businesses within the framework of its revamped vision, mission and values.

Trade Advertising

A series of business-to-business advertisements reinforced this story and discussed how Earth Tech’s services benefitted customers — and served the greater good.

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