Business today is not business as usual

Companies are being challenged on a daily basis with disruptive business models, game changing technologies, fierce competition and a war for talent.

A winning product or service is no longer enough. Success today requires building a strong foundation to: create a purposeful culture, attract and retain the brightest talent, and develop and consistently deliver a truly differentiated brand.

We live at the intersection of brand, culture and talent

We understand top business performance is dependent on being aligned. We help clients create an integrated platform and build the process, tools, training and communications they need to outperform and thrive. For over 33 years, Baker has partnered with corporate leaders, helping them win in the marketplace and workplace.

New perspectives for breakthrough performance

Experience has shown us that, for brands and communications to have the most impact, they need a wider perspective and a fresh approach.

The Integrated Platform Strategy, TIPS, is a mission critical, holistic view of your business to align and connect your culture, brand and talent for superior performance.

Brands, Brains and Behaviors applies the principles of neuroscience and behavior design to help you create strong emotional connections and make learning and change stick.

These perspectives are based on a set of parameters we have established to ensure consistency, relevance, clarity and alignment with company culture and purpose. They are critical to the process we go through with every branding assignment.

The purpose imperative

People today want to know that the company behind the product or service they’re buying, or their employer, is driven by greater purpose, that it’s contributing to the betterment of their world.

Customers, employees, partners, and communities — everyone who engages with a business at any level — should understand, embrace and benefit from its purpose and promise.

We strive for meaning and emotion in our work — the qualities that motivate people to buy, to engage and to care.