Our People

Committed. Thoughtful. Curious. Savvy.

Gary Baker CEO and President Roxanne “Rocket” White Vice President, Development Jill Stephens Vice President, Strategic Planning and Management Lisa Caiozzo Account Director and Producer
Yee-Ping Cho Design Director Wendy Shepherd Accountant Alexa Chigounis Brand Strategist and Copywriter Maryam Amiri Account Manager
Gail Brackett Brand Strategist Bill Chiaravalle Creative Director Tamar Elkeles People Strategist Liz Guthridge NeuroLeadership Strategist / Behavior Design Catalyst
Anne Hallock Strategic Director Kay Stout Manovich Brand Strategist Janelle McGlothlin Content Strategist and Writer Adolfo Ruiz Mendes Animator
Caprice Perry Writer Karey Pohn Neuroleadership Strategist Jackie Bartoletti Communications and Engagement Strategist Geri Shores Healthcare Marketing Executive — Consultant
Maryam, Gail, Bill, Alexa, Tamar, Liz, Anne, Kay, Janelle, Adolfo, Caprice, Karey, Jackie and Geri are members of the Baker team network.