Signaling a cultural transition

Lobby of corporate headquarters

Beginning a new era

When Merz North America needed to reinvigorate its culture, the specialty health care company embarked on a physical transition. Bringing all of its business units together under a single roof, Merz NA relocated its corporate headquarters to Raleigh, North Carolina. The aim was to set a fresh tone and foster greater collaboration.

Merz NA needed to signal this desired culture change within the new office space, which would house up to 300 employees in a few short months. They asked us to help develop environmental graphics for the new 60,000 square-foot office headquarters. We needed to design a variety of signage, displays, banners and wall art to inspire employees, partners, consultants and other visitors.

Evoking the vision

Through interviews with key leaders and employees, we uncovered the shared vision for Merz NA’s future. The leadership wanted people to feel connected and engaged in the workplace — happy to come to work, appropriately stimulated within the work environment and part of something greater than their individual role. They wanted employees and partners alike to walk into the space and immediately recognize Merz NA as a relevant and focused company.

As we developed environmental graphic concepts, we leveraged the heptagon shape of the Merz logo. Knowing that this piece of Merz’ long-standing identity would not be going away, we carried it into the new chapter of the company’s story by integrating it with a vibrant color palette and new photography. We used these elements within our designs for the building entrance, lobbies, reception areas, break rooms and spaces housing key departments. Collectively, the graphics tell a clear story of where Merz is moving — toward an energetic, collaborative future.

Writing the next chapter

The environmental design was completed in time for the official opening of the new headquarters on January 12, 2015. Employees have voiced their enthusiasm and excitement for the future of the company. When management from Merz Global recently visited the space, they were impressed and expressed a desire to do something comparable in Frankfurt. We continue to help Merz NA as they further develop their brand and communicate with all stakeholders.


Marketing offices


Hallway to cafeteria and communal lounge


Hallway leading to training center

Human resources offices


Human resources (detail)


Human resources (detail)


Outside executive suites


Hallway to training center

Customer service call center

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Customer service call center (details)


Hallway to human resources


Human resources (detail)


Human resources (detail)

Marketing offices


Marketing offices


CEO office


Entrance to corporate headquarters


Environmental design