Counting down to the launch of a new employee portal


Refreshing an internal tool

With the re-launch of their Employee Portal, Avery Dennison felt it was important to send a message to their employees — a message that both excited people about this new productivity tool on which they had worked so hard and also that things were changing company-wide. There was a new spirit in the air and it was wrapped around innovation. They needed a campaign that would spark their collective imagination and provide a concrete timeline — a countdown in fact — to the impending re-launch.

Designing an exciting campaign

We developed a graffiti-based campaign that urged employees to “Be curious.” We placed vinyl clings that simulated painted graffiti in unexpected locations around their buildings, while peppering them with messages designed to build to the grand opening. We created coordinated Web ads to mirror this campaign. And we created an online training tool that walked employees through all the new features they could expect.

Generating positive engagement

Response was overwhelmingly positive, resulting in an immediate burst in site traffic and broad adoption of the training tool.

Campaign architecture
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Web training tool
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