Beginning with a vision

Alec Maguire and his father Rob Maguire were experienced pilots and businessmen. They entered the fixed-base operations (FBO) market with a clear vision — to become the “Ritz Carlton” of the FBO market. They purchased a striking Spanish-style facility in Van Nuys, which had served as a personal flight operation for its former owner. Although selectivity had given this FBO an “invite-only” reputation, the quality of the facility and its services ranked only 24th nationally. Maguire Aviation needed to define a unique positioning and establish a strong luxury presence in this highly competitive segment.

Making it tangible

We developed a brand platform that highlighted the company’s mission to forge relationships for life through unsurpassed service and operational excellence. As part of our competitive analysis, we flew into every FBO operation on the West Coast to see — could anyone offer white-glove service on par with Maguire’s aspirations? We discovered that no one owned the space. Maguire Aviation’s new positioning emerged: “the luxury choice for guests seeking the highest quality experience.” The tagline that resulted, “Fueled by higher standards,” aptly expressed Maguire Aviation’s vision to set the corporate aviation industry’s gold standard. It also gave a nod to one of the company’s primary services — fueling.


To help tell the Maguire Aviation story, we shot proprietary photography that highlighted the caliber of service provided. This imagery offered a contrast to typical blue sky and plane graphics typical in the competitive landscape. Along with this photography, we created Maguire Aviation’s new identity, which we featured in a variety of business and environmental applications. We also created an integrated communications campaign that promoted the company to prospective customers. From advertising and direct mail to a marketing brochure and website, these communications conveyed Maguire Aviation’s unique offerings and value proposition through a warm, engaging voice and clean, elegant visuals in line with the company’s brand persona.

“Everything from positioning to color palette to photography fell into place and reflects exactly who we are, with an elegance that immediately stood out in the industry.”

Alec Maguire
Chief Executive Officer

Fueling the future

We helped Maguire Aviation identify and address an unmet need for a more personalized, white-glove service experience. In doing so, the company secured a unique and differentiating position in their specialized business segment. The subsequent addition of 600,000 square feet, new locations and high-profile clients further demonstrated the brand platform’s ability to expand Maguire’s market reach as a premier service provider and destination of choice.



Advertising phase 1
Launch advertising
Advertising phase 2
Phase 2 advertising promoting ‘FOB of Choice’ in Los Angeles
Brand photography


Apparel and accessories
Uniform design: buttons and tie

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