Commemorating a corporate milestone

As Qualcomm headed toward its 25th anniversary, the company wanted a unique way to commemorate the significant milestone — one that would instill pride in its employees and partners and provide inspiration for what the future could bring. Qualcomm planned a huge event at its corporate headquarters, inviting 10,000 global guests. The centerpiece of the festivities would be the opening of a new experience center and corporate museum that would celebrate how far Qualcomm had come and all it had achieved. The experience would exhibit the company’s leadership and innovations in mobile communication to employees, partners and visitors.

With this ambitious project in hand, Qualcomm turned to us. We were considered trusted partners. For 13 years, we had helped Qualcomm come up with new ways of telling their corporate story. The company’s internal team had hit some roadblocks executing the museum concept on their own and needed outside support. With the fixed date for the anniversary celebration four months out and notable performers like Dave Matthews Band lined up, time was ticking.


Shaping a story that connects

We took the helm and fleshed out the center’s concept. We sifted through storage boxes and fragments of history, transforming a jumble of materials into an organized story. Our solution was an immersive experience that combined touch screen technology, video, photography, object displays and product demonstrations.
It was clear — it was not just the technology that fueled Qualcomm’s extraordinary success story; it was also the technology’s profound and positive impact on the world. Given this, we created a narrative theme that connected technologies to the people whose lives they profoundly affected. This theme influenced every piece of copy we wrote and every graphic we created. We explored how every great innovation came from someone first daring to ask “What if?” This idea provided a platform to share Qualcomm’s vision for the mobile future and gave rise to an inspiring story about humanity, progress and the human endeavor — a story much bigger than Qualcomm or its new museum.

Engaging people in the experience

We met the insane deadline, and the Qualcomm Museum successfully opened to thousands of guests from around the world at the celebration event. Since then, it has maintained a steady stream of visitors and presents a worthy showcase of the company’s story and the role of each employee and partner in continued innovation. The company continues to use this valuable corporate asset as an important tool in onboarding and in introducing stakeholders to the company’s culture. Most importantly, the interactive experience continues to provide a platform for Qualcomm to demonstrate its vision for the mobile future, setting the stage for many more “What if” moments.
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