Refreshing a skin care brand


Transitioning with zeal

Obagi had forged a position as a pioneer in the physician-dispensed skin care category. With a product line that worked exceptionally well for a lot of people, the company had attracted a zealous customer base and was filled with passionate employees. As Obagi’s original founder left the company, the organization found itself in an important time of transition. Despite successful growth, the company’s visual identity and products had not had a significant update in 20 years, and the company needed to more clearly differentiate itself from its competitors. Obagi asked us to help position the company’s brand to support the next phase of growth.

Capturing the transformational story

We developed a brand platform for Obagi that brought to life the strong positive emotions that already existed around the brand. With the sense of partnership shared by Obagi stakeholders as our focus, we teased out why people were so pleased with the products and why employees were so happy to work there. This enabled us to develop a unique positioning around the “transformational experience” that Obagi offered. Within the brand messaging, we reinforced the important relationship between Obagi, physicians and consumers who worked together for optimal results. We brought concepts of “delivering confidence” and “investing in trust” to life through key brand touch points, including a compelling brand video.

Aligning stakeholders successfully

Through this brand refresh, we successfully differentiated Obagi within a competitive field. The Obagi team was thrilled at the close of the engagement, expressing how well the brand fit them. The company’s vision moving forward was clarified and articulated, and the organization was united behind a common purpose. Greater alignment emerged among stakeholders as we addressed the educational needs of the consumer as well as the expectations of and benefits to physicians. This fresh brand primed Obagi for successful acquisition by Valeant in 2013.

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