Pay attention to me

You don’t have to be in the high math group to figure this out. I firmly believe that the only way you get great employees is by hiring the right people and then paying real attention to them.

Bottoms up

Companies that experience explosive growth find themselves confronted with new challenges. How do you hold on to the core values and entrepreneurial spirit that made your company successful in the first place?

3Es — Creating a culture of service

It can be a tough ideal to strike — quality creative work and exceptional client service. A former client told us, “agencies are either really good at their account management or really great at creative. Few deliver both.”

Looking to build brand loyalty?

The path to lasting business growth isn’t paved with quick fixes, but many businesses fall prey to the deceptive ease of the more immediate path. Others have put purpose at the core of their brands.

Cultivating brand buy-in

Not too long ago, we gathered as a team to discuss a piece of our own brand platform — our personality. It’s something we keep a pulse on to ensure ongoing authenticity.

Awakening personal purpose within your team

During a recent team gathering, we took a few minutes to tackle a question from a recent HBR article, “What did you especially love doing when you were a child, before the world told you what you should or shouldn’t like or do?”

Internal branding

An internal brand is an asset easily overlooked. When leveraged properly, it can be a tremendous driver of business growth, cutting through many challenges.