I wrote our manifesto in 2012. As I read it today it seems more relevant than ever, especially within the context of the past eighteen months. Only the example companies have been updated. See if you agree.

We’re fed up

We will no longer tolerate greedy, soulless corporations whose main motive is excessive profit for an elite few. We’re fed up with heartless companies who only care about themselves, blatantly lie and steal — the likes of Wells Fargo, Volkswagen and Purdue Pharma. We will no longer tolerate those who don’t focus on a greater good, long-term success and sustainability for all — people and the planet.

A new belief system is emerging

Purpose-driven, values-based companies are doing things differently, adding value in every domain. They consciously bring about positive impacts — not just to shareholders — but to every person whose life they touch. They evoke humanity, build trust and shape emotional connections for the greater good. In so doing, they continually outperform their competitors — research attests to the fact. Major institutions are starting to address it, from BlackRock to the Business Roundtable.

Courageous visionaries are leading the charge

Enlightened leaders are shaping transformational cultures. They’re creating corporate environments that foster trust, accountability, transparency, integrity, loyalty and personal growth. They are leading with their heart and soul.

Employees are craving something that matters

Employees are seeking connection to a higher purpose and desire meaning in their daily work. Purpose-driven organizations are connecting emotionally and intellectually to this need. They foster a powerful values-based cultural energy that motivates each employee to transcend the status quo.

Customers, too, are demanding more

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of a company’s motivation. They want to buy from ethical companies that bring positive impacts to the environment and humankind. Brands that fit this bill are capturing customers’ hearts and minds, and wallets.

All stakeholders are benefiting

Partners and vendors benefit from having superior offerings and growth opportunities. Smart investors know that conscious capitalists outperform their competition. And communities at large take pride in, and benefit from, these companies and welcome engagement with them.

We are shaping the new paradigm

We believe the sustained success of any corporation today relies on clarifying its own higher sense of purpose, vision, and values. We thrive on helping our client’s brand with their heart and soul. Our team is skilled at: developing a purposeful and distinctive brand positioning, aligning your culture, energizing your people, and amplifying your story to all stakeholders — making a positive difference in the world.

At Baker, our purpose is to create — to inspire leaders and people to care more, do more, contribute to a greater good. This is what motivates us to come to work every day. It’s what fuels our passion — as creative thinkers, problem solvers and as human beings.

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