Anastasia Kuskova

Sustainable Business Strategies for Any Size or Budget with Anastasia Kuskova

Apr 05 2023  •  Episode 20  •  41 min

In this episode of the Doing Sustainability podcast, Anastasia Kuskova, Co-founder and CEO of Sirius, joins Gary Baker and Roxanne “Rocket” White to share how to make sustainability accessible to any business regardless of size or budget, climate tech investments, and how to create a green business from the start.

Anastasia Kuskova is the Co-founder and CEO of Sirius, a sustainability company that provides analytics, built-in templates, and real-time recommendations to help both corporates and suppliers to meet the ESG requirements, supporting them on their journey to reaching their sustainability goals.

She is also a Co-founder and Governance Board Member of ReSource. Before Sirius, Anastasia served in different roles at Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) and was a Strategic Advisor at Research Institute. Anastasia was recognized among the 25 ESG Champions for 2022.

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