Ellen Williams

Integrating ESG into Business Strategies for Sustainable Growth with Ellen Williams

Jun 14 2023  •  Episode 25  •  38 min

In this episode of the Doing Sustainability podcast, Ellen Williams, Director, Advisory & ESG Services at Orion Global Solutions, joins Gary Baker and Roxanne “Rocket” White to share her insight on the importance of sustainability in organizations. They touch on the role of technology, leadership engagement, and its impact on younger generations.

As the Director of Advisory & ESG Services, Ellen spearheads the strategic growth and development of services and programs at Orion. With a rich technologist and business consultant background, she leverages her years of experience to bridge the gap between business processes and technology, ensuring alignment and optimal outcomes.

In addition to her role at Orion Global Solutions, Ellen is the Leader of the Strategic Growth Group at the Forbes Business Development Council. Before his present positions, Ellen was a member of Innovation Women and a Continuing Education Instructor at Hofstra University. She used her experience to develop and present curriculum for CRM and marketing automation courses focusing on business analytics to research and create detailed buyer personas, develop viable business goals, and structure needs analysis for intelligent technology purchase and implementation decisions.

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