Pranjal Mathur

Fostering the Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders with Pranjal Mathur

May 17 2023  •  Episode 23  •  43 min

In this episode of the Doing Sustainability podcast, Pranjal Mathur, Climate Risk and Strategy Analyst at KPMG UK joins Gary Baker and Roxanne “Rocket” White to delve into the role UNITE 2030 plays in assembling and fostering the next generations of ESG leaders, as well as the importance of corporate brand core beliefs and ESG practices in creating a sustainable future.

Pranjal is a passionate and motivated individual with a keen interest in Environmental Management, Sustainable Finance, and the intersection of Technology and Policy. As part of his position at KPMG, he holds various responsibilities, including project delivery for diverse clients in different sectors, focusing on climate-related subjects.

Additionally, Pranjal serves as the Youth Ambassador for UNITE 2030, a global platform that empowers young individuals to make a positive impact and drive global change by the year 2030. Before KPMG, he was an ESG Analyst at Eight Versa and Head Of Research at The Green Enterprise Institute.

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