Clarifying and developing the internal voice

Avery Dennison’s brand “We give you a world to work with” was well established, but they wanted to boost their internal conversation and were challenged with communicating a clear story to their employees. They approached Baker for assistance.

Our goal was to support the top-level promise of “a world to work with,” and to communicate how it translates on the ground to the internal audience while engaging employees as brand ambassadors and agents of change. “Make your mark” was determined to be the perfect bridge line: It was developed by Baker and was well received as part of a separate effort at Avery Dennison, but otherwise had very little exposure within the company. The team agreed that it would be the perfect touchstone around which the internal story could be told.

Avery Dennison had multiple internal programs and initiatives underway, loosely organized into several operational pillars. But, the company knew it needed help bringing this framework to life, so they asked us to identify and name the pillars to reflect their internal values and to develop a sub-brand that would build emotional resonance with employees.

Our approach was to distill the underlying taxonomy; roll it up into one clean message, and develop a visual system to support the clarified voice. The messaging and ancillary graphics needed to be flexible, allowing each program area to operate independently as well as part of the larger whole.

Making it personal

Baker developed the supporting, aspirational pillar names — “Reach your potential,” “Live your values,” “Set the standard,” and “Connect and collaborate” — to work thematically with “Make your mark.” We recommended a bold font evocative of handwriting and used it in concert with bright, colorful graphics that featured employee success stories and testimonials.

The result was a signature communication system that showcased Avery Dennison’s values in action through a lively, integrated campaign that humanized their message and brought new energy to a flagging internal effort.

Off to a good start

This project was just recently launched, and the client is pleased with the results thus far. We were able to bring order and form to a disparate collection of internal programs and we moved the needle visually with respect to the established, overall Avery Dennison brand. The company is delighted to have a solid platform unifying messages moving forward. Internal conversation just got better.

Avery Internal Brand image: Reach your potential.

Avery Internal Brand image: Connect and collaborate.

Avery Internal Brand image: Set the standard

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