The war for talent is fierce

The disruption taking place in the corporate landscape has even led to a redefinition of what it means to have a job.

Career ladders are collapsing and employees are designing their own career journeys, searching for rich experiences that offer much more than a paycheck. They’re no longer satisfied to stay with one employer, and want to do work that matters for a company that’s contributing to the greater good. Employees today are also looking to be inspired by leaders they respect and admire.

Employer branding imperative

A mirror of your company and culture, employer branding is the narrative that communicates your distinctiveness. It’s what ultimately enables you to engage and inspire the workforce and attract top talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

To be effective, your employer brand must:

  • Articulate your promise to your employees and answer the ‘What’s in it for me?’
  • Define your fundamental reason for existence and the values your business believes in
  • Support your business strategy and establish the criteria of what your business needs and expects from your people
  • Reflect a positive environment that promotes professional and personal growth and career evolution
  • Describe the opportunity for doing meaningful work and collaborating with talented colleagues
  • Applying the principles of business and consumer branding, your employer brand needs to answer the questions: Why should I work here? Why should I stay here? Why should I care?

Break through to connect

Every day employees are overwhelmed with hundreds of emails and text messages, non-stop meetings, conference calls and video conferencing. And everyone is working longer hours just trying to keep up.

Getting and commanding employees’ attention requires DEEP™ communications: Disrupting the environment, Entertaining to keep them engaged, Emotionally connecting with them and delivering a Purposeful message.

Communications today are conversations

Smart leaders recognize that the most effective corporate communications today are conversations, rather than a series of “commands from on high.”

Conversations invite response and reaction — through online communications, social media, or face-to-face meetings. They lead to greater engagement because they demonstrate that leadership really cares about what their employees think. And as a result, they create a greater sense of engagement with the company.

The digital sea change

Technology is revolutionizing the way companies connect, source and create new employee experiences. From internal apps to cloud technology to people analytics, new platforms are changing HR as we know it — affording employees greater job mobility, career opportunities and more connectedness than ever before.

People first

We have witnessed that companies who truly put their people first, above all, in return have higher levels of engagement and are top performers in their category.

We believe that effective employer branding connects the company’s value, purpose and meaning to people’s work and their lives.

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