Brand your business to outperform

For corporations today, branding is critical for success. At the same time, the relationship brands have with their customers is being challenged to be more transparent, authentic and human.

Savvy companies understand the importance of connecting with people — developing and sustaining meaningful relationships as customers and employees seek greater trust, confidence and leadership.

A brand is also based on a true point of distinction: a value proposition no other company can make — or a need no one else can fulfill. Uncovering that point of distinction takes rigor, curiosity, intuition and insight. It’s an “aha” moment. It becomes the basis on which to build your brand strategy and ultimately amplifies your business strategy.

Your brand is a story. Tell it well.

Humans are hardwired for stories. Storytelling can be powerful to build trust, inspire decisions and trigger action.

Brand is a narrative, a coherent set of messages that communicate your brand’s essence and relevance. Make your story real — emotional and relatable. It must evoke a gut level sense of truth, excitement and pride, knowing that it reveals who you are and what you’re all about.

Find your voice

The character of your brand must be defined in human terms, and in language people can easily understand. It must have a tone of voice that is distinctly yours, one that reflects your personality and culture. Once determined, it should guide all your verbal and visual communications and be articulated consistently.

Experiences are everything

From your company’s interactions with customers to how your product or service is used on a daily basis, experiences become how your brand is perceived and remembered.

Every interaction presents an opportunity to showcase and reinforce your promise. Every touch point — every way a customer relates to you — should be mindfully designed and executed to create your desired brand impression.

Dedication and partnership

Business branding requires rigorous work, self-reflection and relentless determination. We’ve developed a carefully thought-out framework, process and tools that time and time again have proved highly effective in meeting our clients most difficult challenges.

At Baker, we are dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

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