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Henk is an Oxford graduate with over 21 years of brand consultancy experience to companies around the world. He specializes in brand research, strategy, tactics, messaging and evaluation. Turning brands into high-performance business tools that create desire, demand and dollars is an obsession he’s proud of.

Among many others, he’s done work for Citibank, Proctor and Gamble, SAB Miller, Pfizer and Diageo. He brings these valuable cross-industry learnings to bear to create practical, hard-working brands that are designed to thrive in the real world – not just ad campaigns and websites.

Unlike traditional brand experts that narrowly focus on brands only as creative assets, Henk goes bigger. He crafts brands that provide tangible creative, communications, financial, marketing, organizational, target market and customer results.

Henk enables clients to better understand and achieve business goals such as growth opportunities, new revenue channels, premium pricing, fresh target markets, cultural potential, differentiation, lower sales costs and connecting audiences more meaningfully to offerings.