Geri Shores

Healthcare Marketing Executive — Consultant

With over 20 years of global healthcare marketing experience, Geri serves in a consultative role creating franchise and brand strategy for pre-launch and launched products. Geri’s critical thinking and cogent planning skills have brought nearly a dozen blockbuster drugs to market yielding her an exceptionally strong reputation in the pharmaceutical and biotech arena.

Although it has been a privilege to partner with many blue chip companies, Geri’s #1 priority is identifying opportunities where she can contribute to the commercialization of products that demonstrate the possibility of filling unmet patient and consumer needs — not only in drug development but through innovative delivery systems.

Geri’s household subscribes to the “Win the morning, Win the day” philosophy and without fail the family is up by 4am every day. While Geri runs along the picturesque southern California coast, her husband and their twin boys can usually be found surfing it — more often than not, their dog Sallie gets to tag along.