Baker had the opportunity to flex our storytelling muscles in a whole new way this past summer — by helping Qualcomm create a corporate museum in commemoration of their 25th anniversary.

From the outset it was clear that this was going to be a project to remember. First, we only had three months to create an entire museum. From scratch. It had to appeal to girl scout troops, engineers with multiple PhDs and everyone in between. Clearly we were going to need to apply some serious cross-disciplinary knowledge to get it all done. Along with some other skills they don’t exactly teach you in design school (like digging through 25 years of storage room boxes to decide what was worth displaying). But nothing gets us more motivated and excited than doing something that seems (on the surface) to be impossible.

But despite the challenges, we knew that the basic principles of corporate storytelling still applied. Sure, we needed to create signage, write copy, design and develop interactive touch screens and produce video spots. But most importantly we needed museum visitors to go on a journey with us. To come away with an understanding of what is at the core of Qualcomm’s extraordinary success story — something that we termed the “What if moment”— which is that every great innovation comes from someone first asking the question, “What if …?”

Thousands of hours (and cups of coffee) later, we were there as Qualcomm cut the ribbon and opened their brand new museum. Once again proving that when the right team comes together, “What if” eventually turns into “What is.”

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