In early November I will be speaking at the Senior Corporate Communications Management Conference, with this year’s theme being “Strategies and Solutions for a Changing Business Landscape.” I’ll be discussing a concept that lies at the heart of the Baker philosophy: Make it real.

Recent global turmoil in the social, economic and political landscape has made people more suspicious, skeptical and critical of what they see and hear from companies and institutions. Compounding the situation is the din of corporate messages and media competing for the attention of audiences who mistrust anything that appears complicated, scripted or “spun.” The net effect poses a challenge for any organization wanting to reach and influence these increasingly jaded audiences.

Now more than ever, companies must communicate with simplicity, transparency and humility to be seen as believable and credible. Their stories must be memorable, genuine and from the heart to engage and resonate with today’s audiences.

During the presentation, I am going to demonstrate how to make your company’s story real and relatable to your audiences. And in doing so, discover how to create meaningful, enduring connections that can move the hearts and minds of people who matter to you most.

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