Launching a disruptive brand today looks nothing like the days of pitching to mass newspapers and placing traditional advertising. We were reminded of that truth just recently.

At the end of September, we shared a celebratory cocktail or two with our client — the founder of bTru — at the app’s sneak peek for media and bloggers. The new dating-verification app helps online daters see who people really are before they invest time and emotional energy in dating. In the words of founder Herb Rim, “We want to create a movement that’s made up of people who are looking for authenticity and transparency and honesty and happiness ultimately.”

Members of the Baker team at the bTru preview event.

To generate buzz, bTru gave key influencers an exclusive look at the app before its official launch.

Embedded within the sneak peek are a few practices worth sharing:

1. A focus on tapping influencers

Like any new company, bTru lacks a mature network. Attempting to build a community from the ground up could take an eternity. Instead, bTru is aligning itself with the existing networks of communicators and curators in the dating industry. By sharing the bTru story with these leaders early on, bTru gains timely exposure to more developed and diverse audiences.

2. An intentional offer of exclusivity

bTru offered this invitation-only opportunity to see the app in action before its launch. In the eyes of influencers, an exclusive and first look atmosphere adds value. Attendees can be “in the know” and gain access to newsworthy of sharing with their audiences. This translates to greater engagement at the event.

3. A conversation in the language of potential users

Though this was a tech showcase of the new app, it couldn’t be dry and informational. The event instead reflected the spirit of the bTru brand. Infusing party tones spoke directly to bTru influencers and users who would appreciate the balance between a trusted foundation and a spirit of enjoyment.

4. A call for feedback

Key influencers crave their own sense of ownership in the stories they share. Knowing this, bTru created an opportunity for shared conversation, opening the floor to attendee feedback. Input from influencers who understand bTru’s audience can elevate effectiveness of ongoing communication about the app.

5. An emphasis on sharing value

At the end of the night, attendees need to walk away with a sense of gained value. The bTru team intentionally invited those who would find the conversation relevant and gave them needed information for producing meaningful content. The result is more buzz-building exposure.

Our own team enjoyed watching the brand intersect lives at the event. “It’s rewarding to see people interested and watch the concept gain traction in these early launch phases,” our principal Gary shared.

The bTru app will officially be live in the next few weeks.

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