In July of 2008 Baker partnered with Disney ABC Television Group to launch an employer brand that would engage and retain top talent in a competitive marketplace. In order to support Disney ABC’s plan of using the campaign throughout the employee journey, Baker created a second video that would resonate with the internal message. Told from the employees’ point of view, the video focuses on, Disney ABC Television Group President, Anne Sweeny’s goals for the coming year.

The goals are simple; culture, creativity, technology, franchises and globalization and are all exemplified throughout the video. A commitment to a culture of ideas and people contributing to the team as well as to the “create what’s next” philosophy that we can all be a part of this. A commitment to creativity, fostered across the entire company; throughout departments not normally seen as creative, at all levels. A commitment to technology; striving to continued innovation; Disney ABC was first-to-market such ideas as videos available on iTunes, offering watchable videos online. A commitment to franchises. High School Musical has been a phenomenon not only for DABC, but for television. Striving to continue the creation of franchise potential material, rather than stand alone programming. Along with that, a commitment to globalization; the realization that the content created by DABC exists on a much larger stage then just the United States market. The goal being to try and have globalization as a factor that goes into creation of new content.

To learn more about the “create what’s next” campaign, visit our case study.

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