Catalyzing ideas

AECOM is a “global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges” — think huge infrastructure projects like airports, transit hubs, tunnels, dams, bridges and stadiums. You get the idea. As they like to say, they “turn ideas into reality”.

Moving from “no” to “yes”

With 90,000+ employees working across continents and cultures, AECOM understandably has far-reaching interests, investments and liabilities that require the best legal counsel available. Their in-house legal team had historically been conservative and risk-averse and their role had been one of spoiler in the eyes of those who sought advice (and approvals) when looking to develop new business. Recognizing this fact, AECOM set upon changing their culture from one of over-caution to one of what they called “a smart ‘yes’”: The goal was to transition legal counsel from being an opportunity-killer to one of strategic partner in the business development cycle. It was a huge paradigm shift and one that led them to reach out to Baker for assistance in implementing.

Rallying ’round the flag

Baker interviewed key stakeholders (and produced a short video that featured those interviews), developed a core theme of “counsel for the win”, and designed banner graphics and supporting visuals. Our primary goal was to create a clear, succinct idea with key messages for the AECOM legal team to embrace as they began to operationalize a new way of working. Our secondary goal was to create a conference theme for their annual global legal meeting which would then carry forward as the year’s communication touchstone.

counsel for the win

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