Santa Monica, CA — Corporate brand and communications agency Baker has created a compelling new brand for Lytx, Inc. (formerly DriveCam, Inc.), a safety and compliance analytics company, based in San Diego, CA. Baker worked with Lytx™ to develop its brand strategy, architecture, visual identity, voice, messaging, name, tagline and launch materials.

Lytx, with its broadening portfolio of products and services beyond devices, recognized the need for a new name that would reflect its evolution and vision. Baker explored a broad range of possibilities. The name Lytx represents the company’s mission to help clients improve productivity, save costs and save lives by harnessing the power of data.

In addition to creating the name and identity, Baker produced a tagline to convey the company’s value proposition: “Delivering insights. Driving results.” The first part — “Delivering insights” — reflects the company’s unique ability to draw insights from the data it captures from multiple technologies and sensors. “Driving results” refers its ability to help clients realize ROI by being safer on the roads and lowering operating and insurance costs, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance.

The name and tagline come to life through a distinctive visual identity playing on the idea of clarity. The logo mark is a frame suggesting focus, order and clarity, what one would get when assembling and making sense of disparate pieces of data. The vibrant colors have contrast. The style and content of photography — a key communications tool — comprise crops and details that underscore the people behind the wheel and the roads they drive, reinforcing the company’s core purpose and value of making the roads safer for drivers and passengers.

Following the creation of this new identity, Baker developed key internal and external launch materials, including brand videos and launch training items. Baker also designed the new Lytx website home page and brand microsite.

Julie Cunningham, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Lytx commented, “Baker far surpassed [other firms I’ve worked with in the past] in terms of understanding our needs, creating a brand that communicates who we are as a company and helping us through the entire process.”

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