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Santa Monica, CA — Corporate brand and communications agency Baker today announced it is providing branding, messaging and marketing consulting services to Mitek Systems, a leading mobile imaging software solutions provider based in San Diego.

Mitek technology allows users to perform a variety of financial services functions, including remotely depositing checks, paying bills, obtaining insurance quotes and transferring credit card balances, simply by snapping a picture with a camera-equipped smart device instead of using the keyboard. Mitek solutions eliminate the need for customers to go to a bank branch or automated teller machine, and dramatically reduce processing and customer acquisition costs for Fortune 500 financial services companies.

“The new branding program we have developed coincides with Mitek’s launch of an exciting new software platform,” said Gary Baker, president and chief creative director of Baker. “The fresh and cutting edge new brand we are creating reflects the creativity, ingenuity and energy that are apparent throughout the company’s culture.”

The rebrand program includes a strategic platform, new identity and tagline, as well as a comprehensive messaging architecture. In addition, Baker is developing an application interface for the company’s new software.

“The synergy between the rollout of the brand and the new software introduction will involve ongoing collaboration between the two companies,” said Baker. “We are delighted to be partnering with Mitek on this important and exciting initiative.”

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