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World’s first invisible ad

To introduce a new line of deodorant LYNX created the first invisible ad. Special LED screens were mounted to windows of an abandoned terrace house. To the un-glassed passerby there is nothing special to see. But if you have sunglasses on the voyeur in you got a treat.

What’s keeping the QR code from being mainstream?

Brand Camp by Tom Fishburne marketoonist.com
Lack of imagination. I could leave this blog post at that and just about everyone would understand and agree, but for the sake of those who don’t necessarily like to see ideas crumble due to a lack of understanding (myself included) I’ll expand a bit.

Sean X. Cummings wrote the article “Why the QR code is failing” going into great depth on this topic explaining that most people believe the QR code to be useless, though we shouldn’t blame the QR code itself for this but rather the people implementing it. Companies love to pepper these little pixelated boxes on their billboards, posters, fliers and commercials to get you to go to their website. What’s the problem here? That it goes to their website. We can all agree it’s just the same or easier to open up your mobile browser and type in the company’s URL than to bring up the QR reader app, take a picture and wait to see if it read it correctly. There’s no added benefit and no incentive to look at a company website by these means.

What needs to happen is a bit of creativity. Connecting your QR code to something that will engage the audience and make them want to utilize this technology rather than pointing them to a business card when they know just how to find you from your advertisement anyway. Don’t make them do extra work to get to an end they’ve already met. Cummings mentions using a scavenger hunt—great! Maybe it points to a hidden video that describes something about the area they’re in and how your company has influenced it. Sustainability is big right now, right? How about pointing the code to another video explaining the process behind creating the 100% sustainable flier your audience is holding in their hand and how they can plant it in a pot of soil and flowers will grow? There are a million ideas you could come up with for QR codes that are far more engaging and useful than the surface-scratching method of attaching your website to it. Tom Fishburn of The Marketoonist (whose image we’ve used above) provides a fantastic example in his article where QR tags in New York City’s Central Park have created a rich and unique interactive experience that brings visitors closer to this historic landmark. Don’t give your audience busywork. Teach them something, reward them with something, play with them. As Plato has said “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” What better way to connect with your audience?

Did I mention there are also branding and design opportunities for these drab black and white stamps themselves?

Launching Qualcomm awareness campaign inside the beltway

Santa Monica, CA (February 2, 2009) — Qualcomm Incorporated, a leading developer and innovator of advanced wireless technologies, products and services, has launched a multi-channel awareness campaign developed by Baker | Brand Communications. To increase awareness about its technology innovations and thought leadership, Qualcomm turned to Baker for print, online and out-of-home advertising that would raise the company’s visibility and profile in Washington, D.C. The campaign targets policy-makers, politicos and others who may impact Qualcomm’s success in the marketplace and regulatory arena.

Rolling out today, the campaign strives to show the role, importance and relevance of Qualcomm’s pioneering technologies in people’s lives. More than 80 full-page advertisements will run over the course of three months in seven publications, including the Financial Times,The Wall Street Journal® and The Washington Post. Additional insertions will run in The Hill, a congressional newspaper, and high-visibility placements, such as cover wraps and stickers, will complement the print advertising. Online banners on six influential political sites and “station domination” experiences at the Metro Center and Farragut North stations round out the campaign with integrated messaging. All components direct the audience to the campaign’s unique URL: www.wireless-innovators.com.

Kate Rivinus, Baker’s VP, Creative Director, states: “We’re thrilled to partner with Qualcomm on their first corporate advertising campaign. This marks a significant step for the company to build a strong brand presence and improve awareness about how its innovative technologies positively impact our everyday experiences.”

Learn more about how Baker raised the visibility and profile of a Fortune 500® wireless technology leader inside the beltway in the case study.

Baker adds new Account Director to the ranks — and expands offering

Santa Monica, CA (October 20, 2008) — Baker | Brand Communications announces the addition of Jessica Melnick as its newest Account Director.

A seasoned account services professional in the online and advertising arenas, Jessica previously spent time in San Francisco as an Account Supervisor at Young & Rubicam, Publicis Technology and Internet company, Lot 21, serving such clients as Bank of America, Pets.com, KBtoys and Blue Shield of California. Most recently, Jessica oversaw marketing at Nesting.com, a new parenting social networking website. She attended college at the University of California, Santa Barbara, completing a double major in Communications, and Law and Society.

At Baker, Jessica will oversee a variety of accounts, and online and offline activities, including brand strategy and development, corporate and marketing communications, advertising and media planning.

Gary Baker, President and Executive Creative Director at Baker, states: “We’re delighted to have Jessica on our team. Her deep Web, advertising and media planning expertise enriches what we offer our clients, and supports our multi-channel approach to building strong, memorable brands.”